Jennifer Web

BA Hons Architecturencluni
Newcastle University

When considering your experience of applying for post-Part 1 placement…

How did you apply for your placement?

Speculative CVs

What are the main differences, in content and presentation, between an academic and a professional portfolio?

With a professional portfolio you tend to show more technical capability – such as detailing.

What advice would give someone preparing a professional portfolio?

Show all different kinds of media and types of drawing to show your competence across a broad spectrum. Keep it well organised and with an underlying grid/style.

What were the most difficult questions you were asked at interview?
  • “What would you like to get out of working here?”
  • “What do you expect to get paid?”
  • “Where would you like to be in 5 years time?”
Why do you think you were successful in getting your placement?

Rapport with those who were interviewing me, and also having previous long term work experience in practice (I worked during my gap year and during the summer holidays of my Part 1).

How did you fund your Part 2 qualification?

My husband provides for us both, we got married during my year out. As his earnings are not that high – I get support from the government towards fees.

And finally…

What are your top tips for students applying for professional experience?

Be yourself, be confident in the abilities you already have, and show enthusiasm for architecture and your own hobbies/interests.

Organise your portfolio so that you have your best/most recent projects at the front and then work your way backwards.

Dress smart/casual and take a small-ish portfolio (no bigger than A2 as that becomes too bulky)

And finally, smile!

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