Diane Charlton
Talent Manager


What do you look for when reviewing a CV?

A good CV should be well-presented and accurately designed.  The content should provide good examples of projects the candidate has been involved with.

What are the most common mistakes that you see on CVs?

A failure to attach a covering letter, spelling errors and inconsistent use of fonts.  CVs printed on tatty or poor quality paper also indicate a lack of care and attention.


What would you expect to see on a portfolio?

Varied examples of projects showing the concept from start to finish.

Do you prefer digital or hard copy format?

Our preference is for portfolios in A4-sized hard copy format.

What should candidates avoid when creating and submitting their portfolios?

Rough or inaccurate drawings.  Applicants should ensure drawings are to scale and highlight both accuracy and ability – this is what we look for. 


Where do you advertise positions in your company, and do you accept speculative applications?

Our post-Part 1 positions are not advertised as we expect the graduates to be well prepared in their research.  We receive a huge amount of speculative applications for these posts, making advertising unnecessary. 


What sort of questions do you ask at an interview?

We encourage the applicant to talk about themselves and their portfolio.  We don’t have set questions to ask; we find we gain more knowledge about the candidate by adopting a more informal approach to the interview process.

What can make a candidate stand out at interview, and what can put you off hiring them?

Punctuality is important, as is appearance.  Interviewees should be on time, smartly dressed and well-groomed – remember to shine your shoes!

We are put off by casual dress, such as jeans or trainers, or excessive amounts of tattoos/piercings – we have to know that you would be able to represent _space in a professional manner.

Take the time to make yourself knowledgeable about the company you are applying to. It’s a huge turn-off for us when people say they don’t know anything about _space and haven’t bothered to look at our website.

And finally…

What are your top tips for students applying for professional experience?

Don’t wait until after you get your grades to make applications.  At _space, we like to receive CVs around Feb/March as we hold interviews and make job offers in April.

Try to be yourself and relax at interview.  Remember, the person interviewing you is often also quite nervous!

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