Unadvertised placements

Recruitment can be a costly process and so quite often practices will not advertise their positions. Instead they may look through speculative applications they have received from candidates who have researched their company.

Making a speculative application – in 5 steps:

  1. Search the Architects Registration Board directory of members for registered architects in the area you would like to work in.
  2. If no web address is given, search for the company online and check the website for a careers or a contact section.
  3. If there is no ‘jobs’ or ‘vacancies’ section, contact the practice to see if they accept speculative applications. Find out if they want a hard copy or a digital copy of your portfolio. If they request a hard copy make sure you know what the return policy is!
  4. Write a covering letter and CV, making sure that you demonstrate why you are writing to them, why you would like to work for that particular practice and why they should hire you. Send them your CV, cover letter, and portfolio.
  5. Give the practice a couple of weeks to respond to your application. If you do not hear from them, contact them, preferably by telephone, to find out if they’ve had the opportunity to consider your application. It could be that they haven’t got round to looking at it, or that they are waiting for a position to arise.  Keeping in touch will show that you are interested and can help build a positive impression – this can put you at an advantage when candidates are being considered for future jobs.

Further resources

For more information and resources about placements and careers in Architecture, visit the Construction, property and housing page on the Careers Service website.

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